Imperialist Canada

  • ISBN-13: 9781894037457
  • PRICE: $24.95

Imperialist Canada exposes Canada’s imperialist past and present, at home and across the globe. Todd Gordon interweaves histories of aboriginal dispossession in Canada with the cold facts of the Canadian capital’s oppression of indigenous peoples in the global South. The book digs beneath the surface of Canada’s image as a global peacekeeper and promoter of human rights, revealing the links between the corporate pursuit of profit and Canadian foreign and domestic policy. Drawing on examples from Colombia, the Congo, Sudan, Haiti, and elsewhere, Imperialist Canada makes a passionate plea for greater critical attention to Canada’s role in the global order.

Todd Gordon

Todd Gordon teaches political science at York University in Toronto and is the author of Cops, Crime and Capitalism: The Law-and-Order Agenda in Canada (Fernwood, 2006). His articles on Canadian imperialism have appeared on Znet, Counterpunch, Rabble, The Bullet and New Socialist.