Aboriginal, Northern, and Community Economic Development

Papers and Retrospectives
  • ISBN-13: 9781894037464
  • PRICE: $21.95
  • Paperback, 312 pages

John Loxley has worked in community economic development as a practitioner, advisor, teacher and scholar for over 30 years. The wealth of that experience is reflected in this book, which grapples with the conceptual and political complexities of addressing northern and Aboriginal poverty.

Loxley examines a number of possible approaches to economic development, placing each within a broader theoretical and policy perspective, and considering its growth potential and class impact.

Accessible and theoretically sophisticated, the book blends international development theory with northern Canadian and Aboriginal realities. It includes an important chapter on traditional Aboriginal values and culture and their relationship to the land.

John Loxley

John Loxley (1942-2020) was born of working-class background in Sheffield, England. Loxley came to Manitoba in 1975 to head the Resource and Economic Development Secretariat for the Province of Manitoba. He became deeply involved for many years with several Aboriginal organizations. In 1977, Loxley became a Professor of Economics and the University of Manitoba and later became the head of the department. In 1991, Loxley formed Cho¡ces—A Coalition For Social Justice—in response to the neo-conservative policy decisions being made by the Winnipeg City Council and the Government of Manitoba. Loxley received the Joe Zuken Citizen Activist Award in 2000 for outstanding contributions to the social, political, and cultural life of Winnipeg. He passed away suddenly in July 2020.