Orders for Individuals

How to buy our books

As always, we encourage to buy from your local independent bookstore. If they don’t have the title you’re looking for, ask if they can order it in for you; most often, they will be able to.

But we’ve made changes to our website in order to offer more ways to buy ARP author’s books by providing several options on individual book pages. Each page has buy buttons for two or more buying options for customers in Canada and the U.S.

Prices and shipping terms may be different at each bookseller.

Options for Canadian customers

Each book page has buy buttons for two or more of the following options.

Buy through All Lit Up. Orders placed through ALU are forwarded to our office for shipping. These orders are shipped within 3 days of receipt. Shipping costs for ALU orders are borne by ARP & ALU.

Buy at McNally Robinson Booksellers. They are our primary local independent bookseller and if you are in Winnipeg or Saskatoon they are a great option.

Buy at Another Story Book Shop, Goodminds.com, or Strong Nations. These booksellers specialize in selling books by Indigenous authors and by authors in underrepresented communities.

Use the SHOP LOCAL button to find an independent bookseller near you. Or if you prefer, use the map found at the Canadian Independent Booksellers Association website.

Buy directly from ARP

We now have a web store so, if you prefer, you can buy your books directly from us. [This is the red button on each book page.] The upside for you is we are seldom out of stock of a book, unless it’s yet to be published or we are reprinting. The downside is we have to charge customers for shipping.

ARP’s web store ships only in Canada. We ship these orders once per week.

All orders are shipped using Canada Post regular priority ground transportation or comparable service. The shipping cost is calculated automatically based on a Canadian postal code.

Please note we do not provide tracking information on parcels.

All web store sales are final; no refunds or exchanges. Items may be replaced [but not returned] at our discretion if damaged in transit.

For orders of 10 books or more, please contact us by email.

Options for customers in the United States

Please order from AK Press if you are in the US, using the US Shopping Link on a book’s page. AK’s detailed ordering information is here.

There is also a buy button for IndieBound. Operated by Bookshop.org, IndieBound allows book buyers to support local independent booksellers. Learn more at Bookshop.org.

For titles unavailable on these sites, please contact us. We charge a flat U.S. shipping and handling: $25 USD for the first book, $3 USD per subsequent book.

International Orders

All international international orders must be prepaid. Books are priced at the USD retail and shipping is added to each order. Please use the International Order Form.

How to buy our eBooks

When available, eBooks can be ordered from ALU, Apple Books, and Rakuten kobo.

Orders for Reading Groups & Activist Organizations

When you order five or more copies of the same title, your order will be discounted by 25%. If you are part of a reading group all ordering the same title but paying and shipping separately, you can contact us and we’ll send you a coupon code you can all use to get 25% off your selected title.

NB: We do not sell our books to Amazon.com or any of its affiliate sites.


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