lisan al’asfour

  • ISBN-13: 9781927886663
  • PRICE: $18.00
  • Paperback, 136 pages

With moving invocations for softness and strength, the poems in lisan al’asfour introduce a personal concept of creation around loss and matrilineage, and explore the schism between defining and maintaining identity. These are poems that speak to our efforts to make sense of the worlds we construct, and the collection embraces an impassioned approach to literary practice as anti-oppression practice, through the perspective of the critical self-subject.

“Expansive and searching, Natalie Hanna’s rich, sensual language drew me in immediately. lisan al’asfour is a poignant, compelling exploration of loss and regeneration, grief and joy.” — Annick Macaskill

“Natalie Hanna’s lisan al’asfour is a visceral journey through a world of feeling in a colonized world. Using contrasting images and beautiful prose, Hanna offers readers a political wake up and emotional respite with her words.” — Jacqueline Valencia

natalie hanna

natalie hanna is an Ottawa lawyer working with low income populations, and an alumna of Carleton and Ottawa University. Her writing focusses on feminist, political, and personal relational themes. From April of 2016 to September of 2018, she served as the Administrative Director of the Sawdust Reading Series and on the board of Arc Poetry Magazine. Her poem “light conversation” received Honourable Mention in ARC Magazine’s 2019 Diana Brebner Prize.