What’s Happening

December 17, 2020

Eric Tucker, Osgoode Hall Law School

For centuries workers have paid the ultimate price – their health – so that corporations could be productive, competitive and profitable. Consulted to Death presents a vivid sketch of the struggles workers and unions have waged to ensure that workers return home healthy and safe at the end of the workday. It provides an excellent context for our present struggles in health and safety, and is an inspiring read. – Lynn Bueckert, Director, Occupational Health and Safety, British Columbia Federation of LabourThis lucid and compelling book should make everyone who is concerned about workers’ health and safety pause and rethink the strategies they have been pursuing. Smith does not pretend to provide all the answers, but he poses the questions that must be addressed if we are to advance the struggle for healthier, more democratic workplaces in the twenty-first century. – Eric Tucker, Osgoode Hall Law School


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