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Lyrics and Poems, 1997-2012

By John K. Samson
Subjects: Music

Often cited as one of the finest contemporary lyricists, singer, songwriter and poet John K. Samson captures the essential images of contemporary life. Whether on the streets of his beloved and bewildering ...

Permanent Carnival Time

By Colin Smith
Subjects: Poetry

?I?d rather have a transorbital lobotomy / Than a transnational economy. ?
In his new book of poetry, Colin Smith?s droll humour and meticulous control of language are metered out to explore the stakes ...

My Claustrophobic Happiness

By Jeanne Randolph
Subjects: Fiction

Inspired by Athanasius' The Temptations of St. Anthony in which the protagonist is repeatedly beset by desert demons, My Claustrophobic Happiness offers La Betty, a wealthy condo inhabitant whose cloistered ...

Radical Trust

Radical Trust: Basic Income For Complicated Lives explores the notion that a basic income is a compassionate and dignified response to poverty and income inequality in Canada. Through extensive testimonials ...