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Myrle Ballard

Myrle Ballard is Anishinaabe and a member of Lake St. Martin First Nation. She is a Post Doctoral Fellow, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Manitoba and

Michael Albert

Michael Albert is the author of more than a dozen books, and co-founder of Z Magazine and znet, a progressive online network.

Deborah Schnitzer

Deborah Schnitzer is a Professor of English Literature at the University of Winnipeg, a 3M Teaching Fellow, and the author of two books of poetry: Black Beyond Blue (Staccato Press, 1997) and Loving Gertrude ...

Peter Kulchyski

Peter Kulchyski is a leading Canadian Native Studies scholar at the University of Manitoba. He has published numerous books on Aboriginal issues, including The Red Indians, and Like the Sound of a Drum: ...

Jennifer Black

Jennifer Ilse Black lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba. She achieved her B.A. and M.A. in English, Film and Theatre from the University of Manitoba, where she studied for 10 years. Black spent the majority of ...

Leanne Simpson

Leanne Simpson is a researcher, writer, and educator of Mississauga and Scottish ancestry. She is a member of the gidigaa bzhiw dodem and a citizen of the Nishnaabeg nation. Leanne holds a PhD from the ...

John Loxley

Born in Sheffield, England, John Loxley came to Manitoba in 1974 to work for the NDP. He became deeply involved for many years with several Aborignal organizations. In 1977, Loxley became a Professor ...