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Peyman Vahabzadeh

Peyman Vahabzadeh is a professor of Sociology at University of Victoria. He is the author of Articulated Experiences: Toward a Radical Phenomenology of Contemporary Social Movements (SUNY Press, 2003); A Guerrilla Odyssey: Modernization, Secularism, Democracy and the Fadai Discourse of National Liberation in Iran, 1971?1979 (Syracuse University Press, 2010); Exilic Meditations: Essays on A Displaced Life (H&S Media, 2012); Parviz Sadri: A Political Biography (Shahrgon Book, 2015; in Persian); Violence and Nonviolence: Conceptual Excursions into Phantom Opposites (University of Toronto Press, 2019); and A Rebel?s Journey: Mostafa Sho’aiyan and Revolutionary Theory in Iran (OneWorld, 2019). He is the editor of Iran’s Struggles for Social Justice: Economics, Agency, Justice, Activism (Palgrave, 2017). He has published eight books of poetry, fiction, literary criticism, and memoir in Persian. His works have appeared in English, Persian, German, Kurdish, and Spanish.

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