Theresa Turmel

Dr. Theresa Turmel was born in Toronto and grew up in Cabbagetown. Every summer her Mother would take the family up north to Hawk Junction to pass the time with cousins who resided there. Theresa loved the beach, the bush, the berries, and the land. Once she was old enough, she moved there and fell in love with Murray Valois. He passed away in 1978, leaving Theresa with their infant son, John. In 1980, Theresa met her husband of 36 years, Michel, and had two additional children, Danielle and Chantal. Theresa and Michel also have five grandchildren; Ariel, Dylahn, Emma-Leigh, Alexandra and Benjamin. Theresa always had a love of education and earned three degrees, the last was a PhD in Indigenous Studies. Her first book titled: Mnidoo Bemaasing Bemaadiziwin: Reclaiming, Reconnecting and Demystifying 'Resiliency' as Life Force Energy for Residential School Students, is a twenty-five year research and community-based work. She continues to work and is now researching her second book.

Books By Theresa Turmel