Launched in 2002, our Semaphore Series consists of short, accessible books on timely issues. Semaphore books are not intended to be basic “introductions” to an issue or “beginner’s guides.” Rather, they fall somewhere between a pamphlet and a book, consisting of a long essay, polemic, or commentary.

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Red Indians, The

By Peter Kulchyski
Subjects: History
Series: Semaphore

The Red Indians is a theoretically nuanced, frank, and accessible book about Aboriginal resistance in Canada, historical and contemporary. In the manner of Eduardo Galeano's famous trilogy Memories of ...

Gruesome Acts of Capitalism, The

Edited by David Lester
Preface by Jean Smith
Subjects: Political Science
Series: Semaphore

In this second edition, David Lester supplements his original concise and understaded, yet politically and socially potent catalogue of the injustices of capitalist ideology on the world's indigent people, ...

Party without Bosses, The

The former metalworker and trade union leader Lúis Inácio 'Lula' da Silva-known to everyone as Lula-was elected president of Brazil in late 2002 in his fourth attempt since founding the Workers' Party ...

Emergent Publics

By Ian Angus
Subjects: Political Science
Series: Semaphore

Recently much of the Left has shifted emphasis away from issues of class, toward "democracy." Indeed, democracy is now emerging as an overarching label for the goals of anti-globalization activists. What ...