World in Crisis - The End of the American Century

World in Crisis

The End of the American Century

By Gabriel Kolko
Subjects: Political Science
Paperback : 9781894037396, 182 pages, May 2009
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Gabriel Kolko provides a panoramic overview of the problems facing the US and the world today. Each chapter covers a key topic, spanning a range of international issues including the current financial crisis, the limits of US foreign policy, the politicisation of intelligence, and why a war with Iran would be likely to culminate in disaster for the US. Kolko also outlines why changes in military technology make all wars, no matter who fights them, increasingly futile. At the heart of the book is the idea that the international system is in the grip of a great transition. Kolko shows how America is losing its dominance, and examines the profound changes we are experiencing as it is forced to accept the limits of its military power.


World In Crisis: The End of the American Century is an implicit rejoinder to what Kolko himself calls the lunatics in the Bush regime. It is the typicially unique type of excellence in political observation I, at any rate, expect of Kolko. The essays in the current volume are a second, yet enduring draft of history reviewing the political turmoil of the last four or five year. They examine the finanical crisis, US foreign policy, Israel, the current and historical US alliance system, US intelligence agencies, and other US policies. - Tracy McLellen