Sin Eater

Sin Eater

By Angela Hibbs
Subjects: Poetry
Paperback : 9781894037495, 112 pages, May 2014
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Sin Eater reassembles the seven deadly sins to reflect a modern context and culture. For her third collection, Angela Hibbs explores and dissects the everyday and the extraordinary: literary figures, office workers, "Everybody's Baby," the deconstruction of a Crazy Train, cosmetic procedures, and understudy deities. Morality, etiquette and judgment are under a microscope--removed from the theological, anchored in the here and now.

With nimble language and an uncommon wit, Hibbs reveals the fluidity of transgression when traditional definitions no longer apply. Sin Eater is a bold new collection from one of Canada's brightest poetic voices.


Angela Hibbs' third book of poetry invites us to indugle in pleasures of the flesh, to give in to fierce passions. And what better place to start than with these poems? Nervy, sensual, and slick, Sin Eater is Hibbs' most accomplished book yet. I'm already tempted to read it again. - Paul Vermeersch