Show Us the Money - The Politics and Process of Alternative Budgets

Show Us the Money

The Politics and Process of Alternative Budgets

Introduction by John Loxley
Illustrated by Anna Scott
Subjects: Business & Economics
Paperback : 9781894037037, 119 pages, August 1998
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We all know the state takes money from the workers and gives most of it to the rich. Here is a model for creating alternative budgets, useful as organizing tools to create visions and movements towards different social and economic arrangements.


The strongest weapon in the arsenal of the right wing these days is the popular misconception that there is no alternative. That's why the alternative budgets developed by social justice coalitions such as CHO!CES and the CCPA since the early '90s have been so important. They show that governments can be both fiscally responsible and still deliver the kinds of programs Canadians want. Show Us the Money is an excellent primer to help you figure out what alternatives are available - or even get started on creating your own alternative budget. - Linda McQuaig, author of Shooting the Hippo and The Cult of ImpotenceGovernment budgets show more than just fiscal goals - they reveal whether a government has the welfare of its citizens at heart. This book helps encourage people to analyze, understand, and challenge budgets, which in turn helps oblige governments to put people first. - Bob White, President, Canadian Labour Congress