Road In Is Not the Same Road Out, The

Road In Is Not the Same Road Out, The

By Karen Solie
Subjects: Poetry
Paperback : 9781770898196, 112 pages, April 2015
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In her fourth collection, and the first since the Griffin Poetry Prize–winning Pigeon, Karen Solie advances her extraordinary poetics of impetus and second thoughts. Ferrying the intimate self through the public realm, these poems meditate on the tensile strength of our most elemental bonds and beliefs.

Consistently attuned to the demotic and the enigmatic, she returns our language to us as if new again, in a style somehow both nomadic and steady, both unpredictable and meticulously crafted.

Intelligent, witty, tough-minded, and perceptive, The Road In Is Not the Same Road Out offers Solie's most exciting and captivating work to date, in poems of natural contemplation and uncertainty ranging under the aegis of lyric grace.


  • Short-listed, Trillium Book Award 2016


…remarkable…[t]here are glimmers of hope in these poems…

- Candace Fertile

…she might be the most technically sound sentence engineer in the country, prose authors included.

- Jacob McArthur Mooney

Unease is arguably the dominant mood of our cultural moment — and Karen Solie taps into it brilliantly in her fourth collection, The Road In Is Not the Same Road Out, a follow-up to her Griffin Poetry Prize-winning Pigeon.

- Barb Carey

Solie at her best

- Emma Healey