Kino Delirium - The Films of Guy Maddin

Kino Delirium

The Films of Guy Maddin

By Caelum Vatnsdal
Subjects: Performing Arts
Paperback : 9781894037112, 176 pages, November 2000
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Interviews, criticism, photographs, Maddin's own memoires and more make up this first comprehensive exploration of the life and work of Guy Maddin, who is the youngest filmmaker to have won the Telluride Lifetime Achievement Award, which places him in the company of the giants of modern directing.


How - and to ask the more urgent question, why - has Guy Maddin created his handmade, toylike cinema of delirium? Those of us who have been rapt before his pictures - those magical instruments for converting antiquarianism into novelty, irony candor, decadence into innocence - will be grateful for this insider's account of his life and career. which Caelum Vatnsdal has composed with a random magniloquence well suited to its subject. - Stuart Klawans, former film critic for The Nation, and author of Film Folies: The Cinema Out of OrderHere's the Guy Maddin paradox: In any other country but Canada he'd be a national treasure, but what other country but Canada could possibly have produced his particular genius? It's the kind of thing one wonders while gazing upon his awesome weirdness. - Geoff Pevere, film critic for The Toronto Star and co-author of Mondo Canuck: A Canadian Pop Culture Odyssey