Imperialist Canada

Imperialist Canada

By Todd Gordon
Subjects: Political Science
Paperback : 9781894037457, 432 pages, November 2010
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Imperialist Canada exposes Canada's imperialist past and present, at home and across the globe. Todd Gordon interweaves histories of aboriginal dispossession in Canada with the cold facts of Canadian capital's oppression of indigenous peoples in the global South. The book digs beneath the surface of Canada's image as global peacekeeper and promoter of human rights, revealing the links between the corporate pursuit of profit and Canadian foreign and domestic policy. Drawing on examples from Colombia, the Congo, Sudan, Haiti and elsewhere, Imperial Canada makes a passionate plea for greater critical attention to Canada's role in the global order.


This is certainly not a conventional look at Canada's economic history or where it fits in the world today. That makes this book refreshing. -- Madelaine Drohan, The Literary Review of Canada

Todd Gordon's new book provides a compelling case that Canada is an imperialist country in its own right. His factual presentation of the matter will reinforce what is already a growing perception among Canadians. . .. Gordon argues that Canadian imperialism directed against Indigenous people within Canada is ongoing and central to the nature of Canadian capitalism. The book is an important advance over previous explicit characterizations of Canada as an imperialist state that did not develop this side of the analysis. -- Bill Burgess, Socialist Voice