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ARP Staff Date: October 22, 2021

Dumb-Show book launch

Alex Manley
Thomas Molander
Tara McGowan Ross
André Babyn
Fawn Parker
A satirical campus novel, Dumb-Show shrewdly confronts the cultural politics of masculinity through a narrative that twists the structure of Henry IV. A controversial Canadian professor of political science at a Toronto university rises to power when his political views divide the student body. Two siblings, one a student at the university, develop isolated personal relationships with the professor, and find themselves spiralling to infamy alongside him. Parker's second novel shadows the rise and fall of a corrupt king, observes a young and lazy boy's attempt to make a name for himself, and, tearing a hole in the hyper-masculine power narrative, interrogates a woman's internal search to power. Expanding from the brutal introspection first seen in Parker's Set-Point, Dumb-Show takes brilliant aim at personal power relations, leaving no player unscathed.

Fawn Parker is the author of Set-Point (ARP, 2019), Dumb-Show (2021), What We Both Know (McClelland & Stewart, 2022), and Jolie-Laide (Palimpsest, 2023). She is co-founder of BAD NUDES Magazine and BAD BOOKS Press. Fawn is represented by Stephanie Sinclair at CookeMcDermid Agency.

Please only attend if you are vaccinated and feeling well! Please be respectful of everyone! Get in touch with me with any questions about this event!
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Reader bios:
Alex Manley (they/them) is a Montreal-based writer and editor. Alex is the translator of Daphné B.’s Made-Up: A True Story of Beauty Culture Under Late Capitalism, published earlier this fall by Coach House Books, and they are currently working on a non-fiction book called The New Masculinity, forthcoming from ECW Press in 2023.

Thomas Molander (coming soon)

Tara McGowan-Ross (she/her) is an urban Mi'kmaq multidisciplinary artist. She's the author of poetry collections GIRTH and SCORPION SEASON, and the memoir NOTHING WILL BE DIFFERENT. She lives in Montreal, where she writes the biweekly newsletter THEATRE OF CRUELTY, hosts the Indigenous Literatures Book Club with Drawn and Quarterly, and is a critic of independent and experimental theatre for Broadwayworld.

André Babyn (he/him) lives in Toronto. His fiction has appeared in Maisonneuve, The Fanzine, Grain, and elsewhere. His first novel, Evie of the Deepthorn, was released last year with Dundurn Press.


Dumb-Show is Parker’s caricature of the male Academic ego where masculine fragility is peeled back to its oppressive roots against female apathy to a smorgasbord of Male Academic rituals: from aggressively boring anecdotes and criminally unfunny jokes to secondary and tertiary intellect and mansplaining par excellence. Parker’s Dumb-Show is a subversive satire of surviving Academia, and perhaps the first book that I can only describe as "Academia Punk."

—Khashayar Mohammadi, author of Me, You, Then Snow

I have long admired Fawn Parker’s work. In Dumb-Show, Parker demonstrates the contradictions and complications of desire and disgust in a lustful, cynical Toronto that is both worthy of her Shakespearean inspiration and entirely her own. This is literature made from flesh, messy and bloody and exacting and haunting.

—André Babyn, author of Evie of the Deepthorn

Vivid and vicious, Fawn Parker’s Dumb-Show holds nothing back in its hilarious attack on modern academia. With a sharp eye for ironic detail and striking, smooth sentences, Dumb-Show stays with you long after it’s been put down.

—Adnan Khan, author of There Has to Be a Knife


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