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    Tuesday March 16th 2010

    Gruesome Acts of Capitalism Video

    A film by Mecca Normal guitarist David Lester from his book The Gruesome Acts of Capitalism.

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    Wednesday November 4th 2009

    NFB documentary on Kaie Kellough

    Watch this short documentary featuring Kaie Kellough, author of the upcoming ARP title Maple Leaf Rag. Titled “Ebonflow”, this video by Aisha Thomton, Eli Levinson and Noah Leon, offers a glimpse into the African Canadian experience through Kaie’s spoken word verse.

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    Sunday November 1st 2009

    Jan Guenther Braun interview

    The Artist Next Door, in their focus on Winnipeg’s Wolseley district, recently interviewed Jan Guenther Bruan about growing up in Saskatchewan, her writing, performance, and being an organic grocer.

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    Monday December 15th 2008

    Watch the W Five episode “Fight for Rights”

    You can now watch the W Five episode online that explores the events leading up to the struggle detailed in ARP’s newest release, Dishonour of the Crown by Paula Sherman. Watch “Fight for Rights” here.