• Interview

    Thursday January 19th 2012

    Frequency Squared Interview With David Lester

    Read an interview with ARP author David Lester by Frequency Squared.

  • Interview

    Tuesday September 6th 2011

    David Lester Interviewed by Bill Baker for The Morton Report

    David Lester is multi-talented creator whose work fuses the personal and political, the aesthetic and the mundane, even as it entertains and challenges. However, recently Lester entered new artistic territory with the release of The Listener, his first OGN (original graphic novel). Lester took a few moments from his work to talk about the roots and offshoots of The Listener, how his various projects often morph and cross disciplines, and reveal the secret source of his creative powers among other topics, in this exclusive interview for TMR.

    You can read the full interview here.

  • Audio

    Wednesday February 6th 2008

    RedEye Interviews Author Peter Kulchyski

    Red Indians is often used as a derogatory term. Peter Kulchyski gives a different twist in his new book which looks at the history of Aboriginal leaders who were reds, leftists, socialists. He says many First Nations activists saw an affinity between Native rights and the struggle against capitalism.