• Interview

    Friday June 20th 2014

    RBC Taylor Emerging Writer Award Leanne Simpson on the significance of storytelling

    CBC Books interviews ARP author and award winner Leanne Simpson. You can read the full interview here and watch a clip from the award ceremony below.

  • Interview

    Tuesday June 17th 2014

    Papirmass Interviews Emma Healey

    “As far as Canada goes, I dunno, I feel like the confused plural might be our federal mode, all earnest and grave and expansive and dorky. I listen to a lot of CBC. The two things go together. Other than that I think most of my preoccupations are pretty much the same as anyone else’s: loneliness, Cheetos, Drake.”

    Papirmass interviews their writer of the month for July 2014, ARP’s Emma Healey. Check it out here and look for her poetry in their July issue.

  • Audio

    Tuesday January 28th 2014

    Shelagh Roger’s extended conversation with Thomas King and Leanne Simpson

    ARP author Leanne Simpson and author Thomas King are interviewed by CBC’s Shelagh Rogers for The Next Chapter. Listen to the extended version of this conversation through the player below or check out the podcast on the CBC’s site here.

  • Interview

    Tuesday January 14th 2014

    David E. Burga Interviews Andrew F. Sullivan

    David E. Burga interviews ARP author Andrew F. Sullivan about his book, his literary and musical tastes, and his writing style. Check it out here.

  • Interview

    Friday November 29th 2013

    The Manitoban Profiles Quivering Land

    In “How does the artist decolonize” Writer Roewan Crowe and visual artist Paul Robles discuss their recent collaboration on Quivering Land. Read the full article from The Manitoban online.

  • Interview

    Tuesday November 26th 2013

    Bookfridge Interviews Andrew F. Sullivan

    Head over to the Bookfridge where Kerri Cull interviews ARP author Andrew F. Sullivan about his stunning literary debut, All We Want is Everything. Kerri says, “Andrew F. Sullivan’s All We Want is Everything is not the kind of book you pick up if you want a simple read or an escape or a laugh. It’s a book that you pick up if you want to get into the weight of a story, if you want to be shaken up, if you want to step outside your comfort zone. It is the kind of book you pick up if you want to jump into something that is gripping, honest and gritty. It is the kind of book that is masterfully crafted. There is nothing that does not need to be here. There is nothing that makes you question this writer’s voice or confidence. There is nothing that isn’t short of a brilliant debut. Sullivan will be one of the masters of the short story.”

  • Interview

    Tuesday October 8th 2013

    TNBB Blog Interviews Andrew F. Sullivan

    For a different take on the author interview, check out The Next Big Book Blog’s post in which ARP author Andrew F. Sullivan plays a game of Would You Rather.

  • Interview

    Monday October 7th 2013

    The Rusty Toque Interviews Andrew F. Sullivan

    The Rusty Toque interviews ARP author Andrew F. Sullivan about his new book and his writing practice.

    Alex Carey: What is your first memory of writing creatively?

    Andrew F. Sullivan: When I was nine or so, I started rewriting The Lost World starring my friends while I was supposed to be doing work at school. I would read it out loud at lunch or recess before we went to go and play soccer, or whatever. Usually, I would try to kill off one friend a day—by lion, spike pit, alien invaders or velociraptor. Maybe a grizzly bear. They seemed to get a kick out of it—who would I kill off next and how? Everyone’s time would come. It was like some volatile mixture of The Chronicles of Narnia, Indiana Jones, Jurassic Park, The Hardy Boys and The Neverending Story. Kill your darlings, or at least the people closest to you.

    You can read the full interview here.

  • Interview

    Thursday September 26th 2013

    Open Book Ontario Interviews Leanne Simpson

    In anticipation of her appearance at this year’s Kingston Writers’ Festival, Open Book Ontario interviews ARP author Leanne Simpson about what she’ll be reading and her upcoming book, Islands of Decolonial Love. You can read the entire interview here.

  • Interview

    Tuesday September 3rd 2013

    Andrew F. Sullivan Interviewed at The Winnipeg Review

    Shawn Syms interviews ARP author Andrew F. Sullivan about his debut collection of short stories. “One of this year’s best Canadian fiction debuts, Andrew F. Sullivan’s All We Want Is Everything (Arbeiter Ring) trades in pain, punches, pills—and possibility. To an inattentive observer, Sullivan’s rough-hewn characters may seem merely pathological and sociopathic. But from child abductors to suicidal embezzlers, from barroom brawlers to front-porch tattooists, they fumble outward, seeking to feel something, grasping to find one another. These stories are short, sharp and frequently shocking.”

    Read the full interview here.