• Interview

    Tuesday September 12th 2017

    Janet Rogers on CBC Radio One’s The Next Chapter with Shelagh Rogers

    Janet discusses her poetry collection Totem Poles & Railroads, her inspiration, and her optimism for the future with Shelagh Rogers on CBC Radio’s The Next Chapter. goo.gl/ysvuiE

  • Audio

    Monday February 6th 2017

    Hal Niedzviecki talks to Shelagh Rogers on CBC’s The Next Chapter about his novel The Archaeologists

    Hal talks to Shelagh about his novel and associated serialization project.


  • Interview

    Friday February 5th 2016

    Writer-In-Residence Jeanne Randolph:  Local psychoanalyst, writer provides mentorship opportunities

    ARP author, psychoanalyst, and culture critic extraordinaire Jeanne Randolph talks to The Manitoban about what drives her writing. “Well, I am an odd duck. When I was in grade two, down in the swarms of Texas, I decided that I was going to be a writer. I did not even know what that meant.”

    Read the full article here.

  • Audio

    Saturday January 9th 2016

    Lee Maracle on The Current

    Lee Maracle, Tracey Lindberg and Drew Hayden Taylor discuss Indigenous literature. You can listen here.

  • Audio

    Tuesday February 24th 2015

    Christine Fellows on The Next Chapter

    CBC Radio’s Shelagh Rogers interviews ARP author Christine Fellows about her poetry collection Burning Daylight for The Next Chapter. Christine’s interview starts at 25:00. You can listen here.

  • Interview

    Sunday February 1st 2015

    Interview with Angela Hibbs

    Angela Hibbs opens up about her love of Francis Bacon, Destiny’s Child, Erik Satie, Haruki Murakami, and why she won’t read biographies in an interview with The Town Crier. Read it here.

  • Audio

    Sunday September 28th 2014

    Kreative Kontrol Interview with Christine Fellows

    Listen to an interview with Christine Fellows on the Kreative Kontrol podcast that covers not only her new book and album, Burning Daylight, but also a range of topics like “things to know about budgies, Marianne Moore and her bathtub alligator, cats and computers, Gary the cat, I miss Buddy, sled dogs, celebration and adaptation, growing up in Kelowna, a drum kit and a punching bag, reading and remembering, the Humber College jazz program and the University of Guelph philosophy and english departments, that fucking Stephen Harper, meeting John K. Samson…” and so much more.

  • Interview

    Thursday September 18th 2014

    Christine Fellows takes a multidisciplinary approach to isolation with Burning Daylight

    “Winnipeg singer-songwriter and poet Christine Fellows is aiming to bring some light to the far corners of our Canadian culture with her newest project, a song-cycle and book of poetry in collaboration with artist and friend Alicia Smith called Burning Daylight.”

    Beatroute Magazine interviews Christine Fellows. Read the full interivew here.

  • Interview

    Thursday September 18th 2014

    Call of the Wild: The Uniter Interviews Christine Fellows

    “Winnipeg folk-pop musician Christine Fellows can now add the role of poet to her resume. The 46-year-old songwriter has accompanied her sixth full-length record, Burning Daylight, with her first collection of poetry. Fellows says she got the idea during a 2013 workshop at the University of Manitoba, where she served as a writer-in-residence alongside her husband and Weakerthans frontman John K. Samson.”

    Author and musician Christine Fellows discusses her new poetry collection and album with Deborah Renusover at The Uniter. Read the full article here.

  • Audio

    Wednesday July 30th 2014

    First listen: Christine Fellows’ northern-inspired poetry and music project

    Quill and Quire interviews Christine Fellows about her new poetry collection and CD, Burning Daylight. You can also listen to the first track, “Call of the Wild.”

    Read the interview and listen to the track here.