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    Thursday June 10th 2010

    Interview on The Kitchen Bang Bang Law

    Listen to an interview with Kaie Kellough, author of Maple Leaf Rag, on The Kitchen Bang Bang Law on 90.3 CKUT FM, Montreal. The interview begins at 33:10 and runs to 1:06:47.

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    Tuesday March 9th 2010

    Scott Horton Interviews Gabriel Kolko

    Gabriel Kolko, author of the article “Israel: A Stalemated Action of History” at Counterpunch.org, discusses post WWII immigration restrictions that encouraged many European Jews to settle in Israel, the limited tolerance of Israeli citizens toward unrelenting state militarism, how Jews are more culturally defined by nationality than religion and the end of the U.S.-dominated unipolar world.

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    Monday September 14th 2009

    Michael D. Yates interviewed on WBAI’s “Behind the News”

    In and Out of the Working Class author Michael D. Yates is interviewed by Doug Henwood on his show “Behind the News”, which aired on Pacifica’s NYC affiliate WBAI. (The segment begins at 33:00).

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    Monday May 4th 2009

    Michael D. Yates on Against the Grain

    Hear Michael D. Yates discuss his new book In and Out of the Working Class on Against the Grain on KPFA 94.1 in Berkley, California. Listen to the interview below.

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    Friday May 1st 2009

    Robert Albritton on Alert! Radio

    Let Them Eat Junk author Robert Albritton was interviewed on the latest episode of Canadian Dimension’s Alert! Radio. Stream or download the episode here. (Segment begins at 45:15.)

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    Monday April 13th 2009

    Jan Guenther Braun reading at Aqua Books

    Listen to author Jan Guenther Braun, author of Somewhere Else, reading at Aqua Books as part of the lead up to the Manitoba Book Awards. The audio file can be heard on the Aqua Books website under the Eileen McTavish Sykes Award for Best First Book (dated April 8th 2009).

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    Friday April 10th 2009

    Jan Guenther Braun interviewed on Movement Radio

    You can listen to an interview with Jan Guenther Braun on the Student Christian Movement of Canada’s Movement Radio, episode 4.

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    Friday January 16th 2009

    David McNally discusses the economic crisis on Against the Grain

    Listen to an interview with David McNally, author of Another World is Possible, about the global economic crisis on the January 14th episode of Against the Grain on KPFA 94.1 in Berkley, California.

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    Wednesday February 6th 2008

    RedEye Interviews Author Peter Kulchyski

    Red Indians is often used as a derogatory term. Peter Kulchyski gives a different twist in his new book which looks at the history of Aboriginal leaders who were reds, leftists, socialists. He says many First Nations activists saw an affinity between Native rights and the struggle against capitalism.