• Video

    Wednesday November 4th 2009

    NFB documentary on Kaie Kellough

    Watch this short documentary featuring Kaie Kellough, author of the upcoming ARP title Maple Leaf Rag. Titled “Ebonflow”, this video by Aisha Thomton, Eli Levinson and Noah Leon, offers a glimpse into the African Canadian experience through Kaie’s spoken word verse.

  • Video

    Sunday November 1st 2009

    Jan Guenther Braun interview

    The Artist Next Door, in their focus on Winnipeg’s Wolseley district, recently interviewed Jan Guenther Bruan about growing up in Saskatchewan, her writing, performance, and being an organic grocer.

  • Review

    Monday October 19th 2009

    Swans reviews In and Out of the Working Class

    Online journal Swans has posted a review by Louis Proyect of In and Out of the Working Class. “Yates’s writing has a powerful dramatic quality since it’s driven by tensions between the two worlds that he has inhabited and arguably never reconciled. Despite his decades-long career in academia, one of society’s most prestigious fields, he still felt like a worker most of the time, even with a bit of an inferiority complex as if he were not really qualified to exist in such rarefied circles.” Read the full review.

  • Audio

    Monday September 14th 2009

    Michael D. Yates interviewed on WBAI’s “Behind the News”

    In and Out of the Working Class author Michael D. Yates is interviewed by Doug Henwood on his show “Behind the News”, which aired on Pacifica’s NYC affiliate WBAI. (The segment begins at 33:00).

  • Review

    Monday September 7th 2009

    New review of In and Out of the Working Class from In These Times

    Stalwart progressive journal In These Times has published a great review of Michael D. Yates’ In and Out of the Working Class, remarking that “Yates moves up and out, but not away, from the consciousness of people who labor for a living.” Read the full review here.

  • News

    Tuesday August 18th 2009

    How Music and Art Can Change the World

    David Lester and Jean Smith of Mecca Normal have launched a website for their lecture/art exhibit and performance event called How Art & Music Can Change The World. David is the author of The Gruesome Acts of Capitalism, published by ARP. Visit the website.

  • News

    Friday May 22nd 2009

    New article by Michael D. Yates on CounterPunch

    Michael D. Yates, author of In and Out of the Working Class, has published a new article entitled “Work Is Hell” on CounterPunch.org.

  • Review

    Thursday May 21st 2009

    The Red Indians review in Canadian Literature

    Read a review of The Red Indians by Peter Kulchyski in the Spring 2009 issue of Canadian Literature.

  • Audio

    Monday May 4th 2009

    Michael D. Yates on Against the Grain

    Hear Michael D. Yates discuss his new book In and Out of the Working Class on Against the Grain on KPFA 94.1 in Berkley, California. Listen to the interview below.

  • Audio

    Friday May 1st 2009

    Robert Albritton on Alert! Radio

    Let Them Eat Junk author Robert Albritton was interviewed on the latest episode of Canadian Dimension’s Alert! Radio. Stream or download the episode here. (Segment begins at 45:15.)