Gabriel Kolko provides a panoramic overview of the problems facing the US and the world today. Each chapter covers a key topic, spanning a range of international issues including the current financial crisis, the limits of US foreign policy, the politicisation of intelligence, and why a war with Iran would be likely to culminate in disaster for the US. Kolko also outlines why changes in military technology make all wars, no matter who fights them, increasingly futile. At the heart of the book is the idea that the international system is in the grip of a great transition. Kolko shows how America is losing its dominance, and examines the profound changes we are experiencing as it is forced to accept the limits of its military power.

Subject Political Science/International Relations
Published April 2009
Price $21.95 CDN
Pages 182 pp (Paper)
Dimensions 5.08″ × 7.8″ × 0.75″
ISBN-10 1-894037-39-1
ISBN-13 978-1894037-39-6

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  • Jean Philippe Sapinski, in Socialist Studies: the Journal of the Society for Socialist Studies writes:

    This collection of essays provides an introduction to recent American foreign policy in the context of its declining hegemony and, as such, should be useful to the informed public and to college and undergraduate students. Kolko provides a well documented description of how US foreign policy, at least under president George W. Bush, was entirely misadapted to where the world is at today, and how it served to further the political career of certain individuals instead of serving US national interests.


About the Author

Gabriel Kolko is a leading scholar and activist. He is Distinguished Research Professor Emeritus at York University in Toronto. He is the author of fourteen books including The Age of War: The United States Confronts the World and Century of War: Politics, Conflict and Society Since 1914.