Set in the fictional town of Fletcher, the connected stories in Smells Like Heaven span thirty years. Fletcher is a town the characters strive to escape, but keep returning to, as they stumble through life searching for ways to connect and transcend their claustrophobic pasts. Following two sisters—Devon and Christine—as well as their friends and lovers, Smells Like Heaven exposes the core of what it means to be transformed by love. See below for praise of Cooper’s 2007 novel Tell Everything.

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Tell Everything is a tremendous accomplishment from a writer with a gift for complex character development, agonizing suspense and the occasional lyrical gem of a sentence.

Zoe Whittall, Now Magazine (Now Rating: NNNN)

Subject Short Stories/Literary Fiction/Small Town & Rural
Published June 2017
Price $18.95 CDN
Pages 160 pp (Paper)
Dimensions 5.5″ × 8.5″ × .5″
ISBN-10 189403791X
ISBN-13 9781894037914

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About the Author

Sally Cooper is the author of two novels; Love Object and Tell Everything. Her third novel is forthcoming in 2018. She has been or will be published in journals such as CNQEvent, Feathertale Review, Grain, and White Wall Review. She is a Senior Editor at Hamilton Review of Books. She has an MA in Canadian & Commonwealth Literature from the University of Guelph and taught English and writing at Humber College for 23 years. She has been a mentor for the Humber School for Writers correspondence program. She lives in Hamilton, Ontario. Smells Like Heaven is her first short fiction collection.