“All across Canada, ordinary citizens are challenging the decision-making power of the corporate elite. It’s time that politicians listen to these citizens who believe in a more just and compassionate Canada. The Alternative Federal Budget (AFB) has been one of the best and most inspiring examples of the growing grassroots challenge to government policy and corporate power. The AFB shows that there are alternatives to the current programs of austerity and oppression; that there are alternatives to dismantling our social programs and turning over to multinational corporations even more control over the way we organize our lives and our communities; that an economy based on these alternatives will work and will lead to a better country for its citizens. Show Us the Money is a lively and fascinating look into the way budgets are put together, and shows how budgets reveal the values of budget makers. Whether you’re a grassroots activist or just want to know more about the mysterious process of budget-making, this book is for you.”

—Maud Barlow
Volunteer Chairperson
The Council of Canadians

Other contributors: CHO!CES: A Coalition for Social Justice.

Subject Economics/Canada
Published January 1998
Availability Out of Print
Price $14.95 CDN
Pages 112 pp (Paper)
Dimensions 7″ × 9.75″ × .25″
ISBN-10 1894037030
ISBN-13 9781894037037

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