The legacy of the Bush administration and its “War on Terror” includes a new logic of surveillance, suppressing public dissent and mobilizing both “fear” and “faith.” In this accessible book, Elmer and Opel show that this new logic stretches well beyond the realm of airport security and international relations into everyday police techniques, including the use of Tasers, the deployment of “stealth” crowd control, the zoning of protestors and the suppression of public dissent. Drawing on social theories and media analyses, this book reveals the underlying “logic of preemption” whereby threats must be eliminated before they materialize. By addressing the implications of this new logic, Elmer and Opel lay the groundwork for more effective resistance.

Visit the companion website, with information on the Preempting Dissent film, here.

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Subject Political Science/Political Freedom & Security/Civil Rights
Published November 2008
Price $12.95 CDN
Pages 88 pp (Paper)
Dimensions 5″ × 7″ × 0.25″
ISBN-10 1894037340
ISBN-13 9781894037341

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About the Authors

Greg Elmer (PhD, University of Massachusetts Amherst) is associate professor of Communication and Culture and Radio TV Arts at Ryerson University. Greg’s research and teaching focus on new media and politics, information and communication technologies, computer networks, and media globalization. Greg has published a number of books, including Preempting Dissent: The Politics of an Inevitable Future, Andy Opel co-author (ARP), Profiling Machines: Mapping the Personal Information Economy (MIT Press), Critical Perspectives on the Internet (Rowman and Littlefield), and Locating Migrating Media (Lexington Press).

Also by Greg Elmer

Dr. Andy Opel is an associate professor in the Department of Communication at Florida State University, teaching documentary video production and critical media studies. His research interests include environmental communication, alternative media and the emerging media reform movement.