All We Want is Everything, Andrew F. Sullivan’s exceptional debut collection of short stories, finds the misused and forgotten, the places in between, the borderlands on the edge of town where dead fields alternate with empty warehouses—places where men and women clutch tightly at whatever fragments remain. Motels are packed with human cargo, while parole is just another state of being. Christmas dinners become battlegrounds; truck cabs and bathroom stalls transform into warped confessionals; and stories are told and retold, held out by people stumbling towards one another in the dark.

Frightening, hilarious, filled with raging impotence and moments of embattled grace, All We Want is Everything is the advent of a tremendous new literary voice.

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Andrew F. Sullivan wields his prose swiftly, expertly, slicing away all soft flesh and precious angles to get to the hidden marrow of his characters unquiet lives and then, when all seems hopeless, twists the knife slightly toward a momentary tenderness that’s even more startling. All We Want is Everything is an unnerving, discomfiting, totally original debut.

Miriam Toews, author of Irma Voth and A Complicated Kindness

Andrew F. Sullivan is a big burly writer, and in All We Want is Everything he gives us a big burly world, one that exists just beyond the edge of the world most of us like to think that we know. If you love fiction, the one name you must remember is Andrew F. Sullivan. Starting here and now, do not miss anything he writes.

Jeff Parker, author of Ovenman and Igor in Crisis

Subject Short Stories, Urban Life, Literary Fiction
Published June 2013
Price $16.95 CDN
Pages 184 pp (Paper)
Dimensions 5.5″ × 8.5″ × .5″
ISBN-10 1894037847
ISBN-13 9781894037846

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  • AG Pasquell, in Broken Pencil writes:

    There’s a lovely black-and-white picture of two vicious dogs snapping at each other on the cover of Andrew Sullivan’s debut short story collection, and that’s exactly what this book delivers: glimpses of violence and desperation wrapped up in a beautiful package. It’s Raymond Carver meets Raymond Chandler, tales of hard living rendered in poetic prose stripped down to the essentials…. All We Want Is Everything is the debut of a major talent. Sullivan writes so well I wanted to grab his book and run out onto the streets with a big ol’ Town Crier-style bell shouting “Hear ye! Hear ye! Read this book NOW!” But no need for all the hubbub, bub — just buy the book, take the ride and enjoy.

  • Kelsie Hahn, in Heavy Feather Reviews writes:

    Sullivan’s All We Want Is Everything is an exploration of power and choice in the face of hopelessness, inertia, and hurt. The stories are meticulously crafted and offer potent glimpses of characters trapped in a dark world.

  • Steven W. Beattie, in National Post writes:

    The 20 stories in All We Want Is Everything are hard and unforgiving, dragging the reader bodily through a world in which factory machines mangle workers beyond repair and clouds of birds descend on a city, turning it into a toxic wasteland of filth and unbreathable air.

  • Chad Pelley, in Salty Ink writes:

    It’s a book where you’ll cringe occasionally, and yet another feat of Andrew’s here, is he can humanize his characters instead of judging them or tying to speak through them. Like an outlaw, this book deals in what the gut and heart compel us to do, not what law and morality tell us are civilized. And there’s dads that tattoo things on their kids’ necks and family members who call their sister The Self-Cleaning Oven after a series of miscarriages. Whoa, right? They’re dark stories, shining with a strange wattage of humanity we’re not used to looking at life in, and for that the stories are worthwhile, and, truer than most. But it’s Sullivan’s style that shines the most in these gritty stories. The diction is evocative and original without being flowery and flashy.

  • Bev Sandell Greenberg, in Winnipeg Free Press writes:

    Reading Sullivan’s visceral, understated prose is roughly equivalent to watching a train wreck—horrifying, yet compelling, at the same time. … Sullivan should be commended for his strong commitment to voice and his uncanny ability to plumb the depths of these characters. This is a bold and arresting debut.

  • Chad Pelley, in Telegraph-Journal/Salon writes:

    There’s a mantra, for crafting short fiction, which claims “a good short story opens on a scene in progress, and never really ends.” A short story is a snapshot of a life in progress, focused on a pivotal moment in the character’s life. Sullivan embodies this mantra, and his snapshots are more like dark portraits of society’s underbelly; its most sinister desires and unspoken realities. From his catchy opening lines to his killer closing lines, there’s not a wasted word on the pages of this book, and you will, more than once, be picking your jaw up off your lap.

  • Zoe Whittall, in The Globe and Mail writes:

    All We Want Is Everything is a slim book but it is jammed with stories that drip with guts, bodily emissions, and heartache, told by narrators who long for a real connection. The writing is a clean right hook that lands with precision. …It’s a startling debut by one of my new favourite writers whose promise is clear and future looks bright. Write his name down because hopefully he’s going to be a big deal.

  • Alessandra Ferrei, in The Book Stylist writes:

    It is comprised of 20 (!) short stories that range from cloudy overcast melancholy to dead-of-night dark. The stories are short (10 pages or less) and tell tales of psychological trauma, family dysfunction, broken hearts and broken bodies. His characters are often the underdogs: the mistresses, the widows, the young children of wayward parents and the convicts. Never too over the top, but ripe with bad mistakes and impulsively bad choices.

  • Justin Brouckaert, in Sundog Lit writes:

    All We Want Is Everything is darkly funny at times, graceful at others and gritty throughout—a good read for those who are interested in the way people ruin and trap themselves, and the way they learn to cope with a world that is reluctant to help.

  • Chris Hanna, in Maisonneuve writes:

    In All We Want Is Everything, Andrew F. Sullivan assembles a collection of short stories that are at once tragic, mortifying and funny. …These are the kinds of tales you love to read but are glad are not happening to you, involving estranged family members, childhood memories and personal and financial struggles.


About the Author

Andrew F. Sullivan is from Oshawa, Ontario, and graduated from the University of Toronto. He has worked in a liquor warehouse and a video game store, and is the associate fiction editor for The Puritan. Andrew’s writing has been been published in a number of literary journals, including Grain, Joyland, and Little Fiction. All We Want is Everything is his first book.