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Launched in 2002, our Semaphore Series consists of short, accessible books on timely issues. Semaphore books are not intended to be basic “introductions” to an issue or “beginner’s guides.” Rather, they fall somewhere between a pamphlet and a book, consisting of a long essay, polemic, or commentary.

  • Unsettling the Commons

    Unsettling the Commons

    Social Movements Against, Within, and Beyond Settler Colonialism

    Craig Fortier

    November 2017

  • Holding on to Hope

    Holding on to Hope

    A Century of Displacement Politics for Lake St. Martin First Nation

    Myrle Ballard

    November 2017

  • Aqueduct


    Colonialism, Resources, and the Histories We Remember

    Adele Perry

    April 2016

  • Shopping Cart Pantheism

    Shopping Cart Pantheism

    Jeanne Randolph

    May 2015

  • Aboriginal Rights Are Not Human Rights

    Aboriginal Rights Are Not Human Rights

    In Defence of Indigenous Struggles

    Peter Kulchyski

    May 2013

  • Infrastructure Critical

    Infrastructure Critical

    Sacrifice at Toronto’s G8/G20 Summit

    Alessandra Renzi & Greg Elmer

    September 2012

  • Time and the Suburbs

    Time and the Suburbs

    The Politics of Built Environments and the Future of Dissent

    Rohan Quinby

    November 2011

  • Grammar Matters

    Grammar Matters

    The Social Significance of How We Use Language

    Jila Ghomeshi

    November 2010

  • Love the Questions

    Love the Questions

    University Education and Enlightenment

    Ian Angus

    November 2009

  • Dishonour of the Crown

    Dishonour of the Crown

    The Ontario Resource Regime in the Valley of the Kiji Sibi

    Paula Sherman

    November 2008

  • Preempting Dissent

    Preempting Dissent

    The Politics of an Inevitable Future

    Greg Elmer & Andy Opel

    November 2008

  • The Red Indians

    The Red Indians

    An Episodic, Informal Collection of Tales from the History of Aboriginal People’s Struggles in Canada

    Peter Kulchyski

    November 2007